Update 8 – XMASEP2

Merry Christmas to one and all! The MCMJ coven has, once again, dropped an album for every eager Darkling who has been waiting for it!

After a short tour in North Korea, Baghdad, Northern Europe, and Alaska, the band returned to the US recording studio and tried to summon a cochlear demon. The resulting album, XMASEP2, weighs heavily on their psyches. The intern who first heard the unmixed version of the album hasn’t been heard from in the last few months. Occasionally, we hear his screaming coming from our headphones.

We’ve been cleared to show you the track listing and publish the songs online:


01: Amber Alert

02: The Hobbit’s Fathers

03: I’d Do Anything

04: Long Skirt

05: Like a G666

06: Short Jacket

07: Random

08: The Ballad of Peg-Leg Joe

09: Hidden Track (VIP Remix)

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Update 7

Wow. I am very excited to bring you the final 8 songs of MCMJ’s XMAS EP! This side has the songs that are arguably the ones that brought MCMJ to the spotlight earlier last year. So without further ado, here are the latest online uploads:

09: Bird Hunger

10: Gestation Of/For EVAAL

11: Snakestar

12: Hamburger Helper in Carpathia

13: Napkin Paradigm Forest

14: The Queen’s English

15: Claus

16: Hidden Track

It is clear that MCMJ has large boots to fill with their…

… NEW UPCOMING ALBUM! That’s right! MCMJ is hard at work on their sophomore full-length album. The project, which is unnamed for now, is in the early development stages. Tartoros describes the current work as “frothed with darkened soul-feel.” This certainly bodes well to fans that enjoyed the heavier tracks off of the Organ Whore and XMAS EP projects.

These jovial news do not mean that production has stopped in regards to releasing the European Version of the Organ Whore. On the contrary, the album is near completion and the only reason MCMJ has time to brainstorm the newest project is that they are done with everything they needed to do. Now it’s all up to the sound techs to turn Marius’ vision into the final product that will leave the fans blown away by the musical wizardry.

In other news, along the lines of administrative updates, we have yet another member added to our growing team of techs, webmasters, and editors. Caldwell, the Sound Creationist and Personal Sound Supervisor for Marius, has joined the team. He is the only tech that has enough free time to post on this blog to the fans, and from what I hear, he has some exclusive lyrics from Marius himself. It may provide insight into how the mind of the frontman of MCMJ works.

The MCMJ web-site will also experience some changes- a Discography category will be added at the top, so the fans can peruse the songs off of every album and have the chance to download them or stream them. Also, two biography pages will be up, one for the musicians and one for the admins. Moros felt it was necessary to make sure the people behind the scenes (me) got a little recognition. While I am not at all unhappy working for MCMJ, the sincere gesture really makes me feel that this is, in fact, the best job I’ve had in my life.

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MCMJ- Update 6

HUGE update tonight! Half of the XMAS EP has been finalized and put online. The other half will be online shortly as well. Click on the songs to hear them:

01: Intro

02: Horrific Sounds

03: Interlude

04: The Breathing Beast

05: A Brief Foray Into Grindcore

06: Santa Smorfication

07: Valentine’s Day

08: LLLoPoP

Soon after the 8 other songs will be uploaded, there will be a link provided for anyone who wants the full album as high-quality sound files. Moros, who is financially entangled with the XMAS EP felt that it is much better to give fans free and unlimited access to MCMJ’s music. Tartoros and Marius, however are still worried about file sharing and piracy. Marius himself wanted to address the fans that were unlawfully using unofficial download links:

“The fact of the matter is that we, MCMJ, have spent our time, effort, and money to produce a high quality album for everyone to enjoy. Downloading them all illegal-like [sic] is despicable and is tantamount to child prejudice. I know how some people feel, but who is to say that this is all wrong? I mean, when is right from wrong [sic]. Who is the judge? I’m not!”

Clearly, there is a negative regard towards non-official downloads.

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MCMJ- Update 5

Hello everyone! The fifth and final track of the Organ Whore album has been updated! Torrential Eucharist is finally online.

The historic track is a personal story about the enlightenment the band achieved after realizing the intricacies of human existence in the universe. What is the meaning of life? What will life bring to all? Is there life after death? These themes are oozing out of Torrential Eucharist.

Fun Facts:

-The standard ceremony of breaking bread for each new album was done right before recording this track.

-There was danger that the roof of the recording studio would collapse due to the vibrations caused by the music- apparently MCMJ found the resonance of the building.


Finally, the U.S. release of Organ Whore is released. Soon, the Special Edition set (includes the Europe-only songs) will be online for your downloading pleasure. The songs for that part of the album will be put online in a much more frequent manner.

An exciting new addition to the MCMJ administrative group is here as well. Below is a post that was supposed to be done by the new hired writer, Wolfgang, but it seems that he has never used the internet before. I was given the “opportunity” of coaching him to call an internet provider in his area and getting connected. Great.

Anyway, here is what he wrote:

“When I first started writing, I never thought I would end up being some sort of commission-payed journalist, let alone one that writes for a band blog. Alas, here I am, tired and confused after a long trip to America, yet eager for the change of scenery. I can not say that I was thrilled at the initial prospect of the job when I talked to Marius online, though it was impossible to refuse once I met him in person. All of my previous trepidations faded when I was met with the steadfast conviction of such a dedicated artist. Marius appealed to me, not through his music, but through his overwhelming intensity. I would be lying if I said I am perfectly comfortable now, but I at least feel the potential flowing from the members of the band. It remains to be seen how everything will turn out, but I at least remain optimistic.
In terms of plans, I have many interviews planned that will take a more empathetic look a some of the members, hopefully revealing some of the intent behind MCMJ. The band comes across less as a group, and more of a musical collective. There is more to the music than what is heard, and I want the fans to understand that.
I have yet to meet everyone involved with the band, as I have only met the actual members. There are others, such as the PR manager, the general manager, and the cord producer, but my involvement is less intricately tied to them. I also heard of another writer involved on the website, but from only a brief read of some of the content submitted so far, I feel less than threatened. Perhaps now the content will become more worthy of consideration, an undeniably essential quality here, as the band  continues their negotiations with the producer. I have been asked to be more included in production for speaking purposes, but I need some time to adjust to the change of scenery before I push myself over the edge.
Readers should look forward to more frequent updates as the blog really gets into full swing. I will be working on a graphical overhaul as well, and some more appropriate advertising. I may have yet to be fully immersed, but I am fully dedicated to the furthering of the MCMJ project.


There it is. The new writer for MCMJ. Seems like a nice guy on the phone, though distant. I will hold my reservations about him until I read more of his work.

The next update will have the long awaited interview with Marius!

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Previews of What is to Come

Some internal news that will impact everyone who follows MCMJ’s blog:

The band has hired a writer a few days ago. He is an Austrian who goes by Wofgang Henreid. According to frontman Marius, Wolfgang will be an essential part of MCMJ’s image. The mass amount of written information about the band will be sent to him shortly so he can work his Austrian magic and make something fit for fan viewing.

More recently, I’ve gotten wind of another crewman joining the MCMJ bandwagon- a photographer/video producer. I don’t know him at all, let alone speak to him. Perhaps he will have the honor of introducing himself on a future blog.

These two new members, provided that they stay in MCMJ’s employ, mean less multitasking for me. I can finally focus on more web stuff, like ironing out this blog and continuing editing the songs that were sent to me beforehand. Though the band does a good job of editing, I’ve got the tools and software to really make the final MCMJ material shine.

Onto the topic of soon-to-be-posted interview with lead singer Marius. Though the fragmented interview is not wholly complete, there are several things that I can promise you fans will read about:

-Marius and his relations with Moros and Tartoros

-Recent trip to Luxembourg and the spiritual awakening there

-Thoughts on his Amish-inspired breakfast tradition

-Thoughts about Organ Whore and more information about the European Release. This will be quite enjoyable to anyone who really wants to get into the history of the music they listen to. The material I’ve gotten so far is really rich and filled with personal gems and complex themes.

As a side note, the last Organ Whore track will be uploaded within two days. Work will soon start on both finalizing the European release and remastering the older, original XMAS EP.

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MCMJ- Update 4

Wow. The weekend was very good and quite busy.

There is business to be done.


The band members were great guys in person, though somewhat quirky. Really intense when it came to discussing music and the direction that they want me to take with providing the public image of them online. There was barbecue, spaghetti, and a myriad of other food, all cooked by the frontman of the band. Other duties, as in life, were supported by the drummer.

The evening of the first night was filled with good fun time. It began with an excursion to a gathering place not far away from my apartment.


This is candy

And this:

Drummer in street

Not many pictures were available due to my own lackadaisical picture taking, but there are some good ones that may even make the next booklet, I was told.

All in all, it was a great time. It seems like they liked me and like my work on the blog so far. Good to know your employers on a personal level.


In other news, another MCMJ song is up on youtube- The Smelting Challenge! The avant-garde song was heavily influenced by old Native American shaman rituals. This track was heavily edited, but only to add certain layers. All other sounds are 100% natural. Though it’s hard to believe, everything made in the song was analogue and accoustic. This is not necessarily a new direction for |||[|||], but it’s a sign of expertise in the band’s knowledge of instruments.

Though there is some information about the track on the youtube video description, there is some more data that could be interesting:

The inspiration for this song came about by accident. Through a chance reading of a book about carpet cleaning, the musicians accidentally knocked over an old trumpet used in the Civil War. The trumpet was then used.

The length of the song is symbolic and is based on Mayan number worship.

Socks were used to dampen the raw effect of the sound when preparing the microphones.

More updates will come soon.

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MCMJ- Update 3

The third Organ Whore track has been released on Youtube! The song is called The Hierophant Path and is the continuation of the skit with the same name.

The update for tonight will be sparse, as preparations must be done for the fiesta tomorrow. Pictures and interviews will be live on the blog within this week. The band also wants to extend thank-yous to all the supporters. Thanks a lot, everyone!

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